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Twilio Voice.

By connecting Flow.ai with Twilio Voice, you can easily automate phone calls and route to the right department or deflect calls to messaging.

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Reach billions of people

Connect with IVR

Connect with your IVR and use voice or numeric input for automating and routing.
Automate Customer Service

Automate phone calls

Automate incoming phone calls by using state of the art Aritificial Intelligence.
Official Twilio Voice Integration

Deflect to messaging

Deflect calls to messaging, save time and improve the customer journey.

Why use Twilio Voice with Flow.ai?.

Provide your customers the optimal service by integrating with Twilio Voice.

Automate phone calls.

By interacting with your customers on SMS, you can directly create engagement without them needing to download an app. By automating those interactions, you boost efficiëncy and speed of the whole process, and enrich the customer experience.

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Deflect to messaging.

Add a human touch while also automating as much as possible to provide customer service with an optimal balance between AI and agent.

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Extract & integrate.

With Twilio Voice you can integrate your own CRM system or other tools and services, and it also allows for the extraction of valuable user input.

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Extract user input from Twilio Voice

How to create a Twilio Voice bot.

Connecting your bot solution to Twilio Voice is done in 3 simple steps:
Design your Twilio Voice solution
Integrate Twilio voice from within the Integration section
Test your experience and launch your voice project

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About Twilio Voice

Twilio Voice Chatbot

Automating phone calls by using Twilio Voice allows you to answer customer directly and route to the right department based on spoken language or numeric input. Twilio Voice has applied the concept of doing more with different communication channels like chat, email, text, video, and voice.

Deflect Calls to Messaging

Twilio Voice and Flow.ai provide you with all the tools you need to deflect calls to messaging channels like WhatsApp, SMS, or Messenger. By switching to asynchronous channels you can save time and improve the customer journey. This all through simple but effective APIs and drag & drop interfaces.