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Web widget.

Place a simple widget on your website and start generating new leads or provide automated live chat for your customer

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Engage with Live chat

Increase customer satisfaction and agent productivity. Deflect customer inquiries and follow-up with live chat when needed.
Chatbot Business Hours

Match your Business Hours

Align your workflow with your Business Hours. Respond outside of your opening hours and imrpove the customer journey.
Proactive bot

Reach out proactively

Reach out proactively to increase engagement and imrpove the customer journey.

Why use Flow.ai on a website?.

Flow.ai is a low code conversational AI suite for professional teams. We offer an intuitive interface and powerful NLP engine running in the cloud

Rich User Interface.

Optimize the customer journey by adding rich elements to your design. Use buttons, cards, carousels, location and get the most out of your experience.

Customizable Widget.

Customize your Widget directly from within Flow.ai and add colors, avatars and more.

Personalized experience.

On which page is your customer located? Use that knowledge to reach out personalized and proactive.

Want to know more?

About Web Widget

Chatbot for e-commerce, customer service and web

Use an AI bot on your website for e-commerce, customer service, customer care and web. Besides these industries you will encounter great chat bots for HR and recruitment but also as a helping hand for organizing festivals, running your webshop within online retail, or as an virtual assistant for hotels, restaurants, property management and insurance companies.

A bot for Intelligent Automation

Use intelligent automation to improve productivity of your business and agents. Use available data and artificial intelligence to deliver personalized messages through web, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and more. Create awesome conversational interfaces and connect with external service for a complete integrated solution from end-to-end